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Statement: Impacts of B.C. flooding to supply chain

November 18, 2021

Federated Co-operatives Limited is focused on supplying essential goods to communities in British Columbia that are immediately impacted by recent flooding.

Reduced access to the Malahat highway has limited our ability to deliver enough fuel to meet customer demand in parts of Vancouver Island, particularly Victoria, and road closures on the mainland have essentially cut off our ability to supply local Co-op locations in the Fraser Valley.

We’re working directly with impacted local Co-ops, looking at all options to transport fuel and other supplies into these communities as quickly and safely as possible.

Outside of these areas, there are currently no major delays in the distribution of essential goods to local Co-ops as result of the flooding. There have been temporary delays because of snow and weather conditions on the Prairies, however these are isolated instances and only for short periods of time.