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Co-op gas bar network expands

March 13, 2023

Since the acquisition of retail fuel sites from Cenovus Energy Inc. received approval in August 2022, teams have been hard at work making all the necessary adjustment to change these locations to the Co-op brand. Between January 9 and March 6, 25 new gas bar locations were rebranded to Co-ops across Alberta and British Columbia. This and future conversions, add to an already strong fuel network and increases the presence of Co-ops in local communities providing even more opportunities to meet the needs of their members.

Every step of the conversion is an investment in Western Canada – from the local construction crews rebranding the sites, to the fuel being delivered through the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) supply network.

It has been exciting to see the transformation from the Husky blue, white and red to the iconic red and white of the Co-op brand. Although some sites such as those in Pemberton, B.C. and Whistler, B.C. were required to retain certain exterior features that are unique to their communities, Co-op members and customers can expect to find the recognizable Co-op shield and great experience that Co-ops are known for.

“We are pleased with the addition of nine new Co-op locations increasing our brand presence in the city of Edmonton, AB and surrounding communities and strengthening our relationship with FCL. These are great long term building blocks while we continue to improve our service model,” said Jason Koski, Director of Operations, North Central Co-op.

Multiple sites are opening in markets that are new to Co-ops, where there are opportunities to inform local communities about the benefits of a Co-op membership and why a Co-op is a different kind of business. “Until the Husky acquisition we only had a cardlock in Terrace, B.C. which did not suit everyone’s needs. With the conversion of the Husky gas bar to a Four Rivers Co-op gas bar the community has access to an additional Co-op facility. This has created great excitement leading to new members,” said Allan Bieganski, General Manager, Four Rivers Co-operative. For Co-ops who are opening sites in new markets, there is marketing support available to help tell the Co-op story.

“We worked together across the CRS, leveraging the knowledge and experience of local Co-ops and FCL team members to guide the transition. This is a significant step forward and reinforces our commitment to being locally invested and creating value for Co-ops so they can best support their local communities,” said Heather Ryan, CEO, FCL. For more of Ryan’s account of the Husky acquisition and a visual journey of the conversion process, watch the full video below: