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Co-op Community Spaces Celebrating 10 Years of Supporting Projects Across Western Canada

June 11, 2024

Co-ops are celebrating 10 years of creating places for everyone through the Co-op Community Spaces Program. Over the past decade, Co-ops have given $13.5 million to 189 capital projects across Western Canadian communities.

Co-op Community Spaces has announced its 2024 recipients. This year’s projects range from two new greenhouses in Salt Spring Island, B.C. to an accessible playground in Rosetown, SK. In total, 14 projects were selected this year.

“On behalf of Co-op Community Spaces and the entire Co-operative Retailing System (CRS), congratulations to this year’s recipients and their local Co-ops,” said Heather Ryan, Chief Executive Officer at FCL. “We are so proud of the tremendous places Co-ops have helped to create over the past 10 years and the lasting impact our Community Spaces projects have on communities across Western Canada.”

Co-op Community Spaces was launched in 2015 to help protect, beautify and improve local spaces. Projects funded by Community Spaces fall into one of three categories: recreation, environmental conservation and urban agriculture. Each year funding between $25,000 and $150,000 is available per project. FCL administers the giving program on behalf of approximately 160 independent local Co-ops across Western Canada that form the CRS.

To learn more about Community Spaces, please visit communityspaces.ca. The full list of recipients can be found here: https://www.co-op.crs/articles/detail/2024-co-op-community-spaces-recipients.