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Co-op partners with Indigenous communities on Western Nations Gas Bars

January 18, 2021

Western Nations, fuelled by Co-op, will support strong, vibrant communities through mutually beneficial relationships built on shared values

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), in consultation with Indigenous leaders and communities across Western Canada, has developed the new, exclusive Western Nations gas bar brand.

FCL aims to grow a network of independent, locally owned Indigenous gas bars using the modern Western Nations brand that is relevant to all customers and respects Indigenous culture. The brand and supporting gas bar program are unique in their focus on re-investing in the Indigenous communities where Western Nations gas bars are based.

“Co-op values the relationships we have with our Indigenous communities and are looking to expand these partnerships through the new Indigenous gas bar program,” says Brian Humphreys, FCL’s Vice-President of Energy. “We know the energy sector is changing in Western Canada. With that, we see an opportunity to build a brand with Indigenous partners for the collective benefit of our people and communities.” said Humphreys.

Co-op will supply and support independent gas bars in Indigenous communities across the West and manage the Western Nations brand. Communities will maintain ownership of their locations and make their own decisions. The Western Nations brand can be applied to existing locations or new construction.

According to Humphreys, developing a Western Nations gas bar means creating jobs and economic spin-offs for communities, partnering with a trusted brand and supplier, and securing access to numerous supports, including the unique Community Building Assistance Program.

“Community support is an important value of local Co-ops across Western Canada and a critical component of Western Nations. Co-op will provide funding to participating Indigenous communities and those communities will direct the money toward community infrastructure, programming and events,” said Humphreys.

To learn more about Western Nations and how an indigenous organization can participate, contact the administration office for the local Co-op association nearest you or e-mail westernnations@fcl.crs.