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Where do our profits go?

By Andrew Santo

January 10, 2020

FCL’s profits have a purpose. That’s because every dollar of our profits stays right here to support Western Canadians and make a difference where we work and live. That’s something we’re proud of. 

This year, FCL earned profits of $959 million. Rather than export our profits to far away head offices and shareholders scattered all over the world, our profits are invested here. They contribute to our economy and support the communities where we live.

FCL earned $959M this year and we shared $649M with local co-ops.


We support Co-ops and their members

Each year, most of our profits are returned to co-ops in your hometown so they can continue to serve you and your community. This year, we’ll return $649 million of that profit to 170 independent retail co-ops across Western Canada.

We give back to our communities

Our profits make a difference in our communities. Last year we supported over 200 local organizations and initiatives that improve our communities and make a positive impact where we live and work.

We invest in our Refinery

We invested $237 million in 2019 to maintain and upgrade our refinery and ensure we continue to operate in a safe and sustainable way

We build for the future

We make investments that will enable us to serve local co-ops in the long-term. Over the past five years we’ve invested approximately $2 billion to ensure we continue to operate modern, efficient and environmentally safe facilities across Western Canada.