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FCL achieves Caring Company status

January 25, 2022

Since 1988, Imagine Canada has recognized businesses that excel in community investment and social responsibility. This recognition is awarded to companies that donate an annual minimum of 1 per cent of their pre-tax profit to non-profit and charitable organizations.

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) has been designated as a Caring Company again in 2021.

FCL donated over $8.1 million to charities and communities in the 2020 fiscal year.

“Achieving this recognition in corporate social responsibility is a great reminder that Co-op is a different kind of business,” said Pam Skotnitsky, Vice-President of Strategy. “Our Caring Company status is a badge of honour, and maintaining it demonstrates our commitment to the people in the communities that we serve.”

This is the fifth consecutive year that FCL has received the Caring Company designation administered by Imagine Canada, a national charity advocacy organization. The recognition places FCL alongside major Canadian companies who have invested in social impacts, such as Co-operators, Canadian Tire, KPMG, Scotiabank and Telus.

In 2020, our donations were generated through programs like Co-op Community Spaces, Fuel Good Day and the Co-op Helps Campaign, which supported individuals and communities facing the pandemic. FCL team members directed community contributions through FCL’s Community Investment Fund and FCL’s Community Builders Program. These donations include funds given by FCL on behalf of the CRS in addition to our financial giving, and the total also includes in-kind food donations made by FCL Distribution Centres to local food banks. The total does not reflect any independent donations made by local Co-ops within their communities.