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Unifor 594 issues 48-hour strike notice

December 3, 2019

The Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) is disappointed that the Unifor 594 Executive has chosen to issue a 48-hour strike notice and is planning to go on strike. 

“It is disappointing that the Unifor 594 Executive has chosen to take their members on strike before the holidays,” said Gil Le Dressay, Vice-President of Operations at CRC.

The Refinery believes it has put a fair deal on the table, however the Company is still open to negotiations and will be reaching out to the Unifor 594 Executive in an attempt to prevent a strike. 

“Our goal has never changed. We want to negotiate a fair deal and we are asking the Unifor 594 Executive to rescind their 48-hour Strike Notification and resume bargaining,” said Le Dressay.

The Company’s most recent offer to the Unifor 594 Executive includes an 11.75 per cent wage increase over four years. With CRC workers earning about $104,000 per year on average, this translates to an average wage increase of more than $12,000 over the life of the contract. The offer also includes enhanced benefits options and access to the Company’s Performance Plan that pays an annual incentive bonus based on the Refinery’s performance.

In addition to increased wages, CRC is offering two pension plan options that match those of industry competitors and is only asking that employees contribute to their pension plan as most employees enrolled in a pension plan in Canada already do.