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The Co-op Refinery Complex announces new CBA has been ratified

June 22, 2020

The Co-op Refinery Complex (CRC) is pleased that our bargaining unit employees have voted to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement. The new contract is a seven-year deal that will ensure labour stability at the refinery. The CRC unionized employees will return to work over the coming weeks in accordance with the new contract’s Return-to-Work Agreement.

“We are sincerely pleased that our employees are returning to work after more than six months off the job,” said Gil Le Dressay, Vice-President, Refinery Operations. “This labour disruption was a difficult period in our history, but I believe that we will emerge from this a stronger team and organization. The Union has been our partner in fuelling Western Canada for more than 75 years, and they will be our partner for generations into the future.”

The deal strikes a much-needed balance between the company's appreciation for our unionized employees and the fiscal realities of the refining sector. This deal, combined with the operational efficiencies the CRC has recently realized, will go a long way in ensuring a sustainable future for the company.

“This deal is about competitiveness within the refining industry and long-term sustainability. It’s about ensuring that we continue to be an economic engine and that we provide good jobs for this city and this province for generations to come,” said Le Dressay. “Our industry is changing and we have only begun to see how new regulatory requirements and external pressures are going to shape our industry's future. We all need to recognize that these changes are imminent. We are better off facing that future as partners as we work together to achieve our collective goals and interests.”

The CRC also wants to thank our local community and our truckers for their patience and our management team for their commitment to safely fuelling Western Canada during the labour disruption.

“We want to take this opportunity to thank our community and our truckers for their continued support throughout the labour disruption. Through it all, you continued to support us and Co-op, and we sincerely thank you,” Le Dressay said.

“Finally, I want to thank our dedicated management team for leading us through these trying times. This team's commitment to operating the refinery safely and efficiently, and to supplying fuel to Western Canadians, cannot be understated. They are a tremendous team, and we thank them all for their commitment to our company and to ensuring our long-term success.”