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Co-op delivers power and efficiency with new Premium Diesel Fuel

By Portal Administrator

March 14, 2016

Western Canadian consumers have a new diesel fuel option that provides industry-leading power, protection and performance.

CO-OP® Premium Diesel Fuel is a reformulated product that extends the capabilities of Co-op’s existing blend to deliver improved fuel system cleanliness. Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel optimizes combustion and is capable of delivering fuel economy increases of up to five per cent.

“Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel maximizes power output and prevents the formation of deposits that can cause operational challenges for our customers,” said Greg Lepp, Director Energy Products with Federated Co-operatives Limited. “Our new Premium Diesel provides the enhanced engine protection and improved performance needed to keep our customers moving and help them to avoid expensive repairs.”

Defend against downtime

With Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel, users can expect a cleaner and more efficient engine with protection against downtime. This is especially valuable to farmers and other heavy equipment users. The new blend is designed to: 

  • Remove carbon deposits that suppress power and prevent future deposits from forming. Testing has shown Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel is capable of removing existing deposits in as little as one to three tanks and offers the potential to fully restore all deposit-related power-loss within 32 hours of operation.

  • Protect fuel injection systems from harmful deposits that reduce performance and power output. The cleaning capability of Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel has been proven to reduce the amount of regeneration cycles required for diesel particulate filters.

Co-op Premium Diesel Fuel is now available at select Co-op locations across Western Canada. For more information, see www.coopgas.ca.