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Morgan Arnelien

Carwash Program Co-ordinator

By uid=djungwirth@FCL.AD.CRS,ou=fcl,dc=isam,dc=crs

May 27, 2016

From co-operative education to a new career, Morgan Arnelien found an engaging and fast-paced environment in FCL’s Energy Business Unit.


Why did you select FCL for your co-operative education placement?

FCL is one of Saskatchewan’s largest organizations and has a positive reputation at the University of Saskatchewan. I heard awesome things about the company around school. Through my co-operative education at FCL, I was able to connect real world  experience with what I was learning in class.

What makes FCL different from your previous work experiences?

I feel like I can make a difference. Decisions that I make and actions I take are reflected at the store level. It’s very rewarding to see that I can help positively impact retails’ performance.

How do FCL and colleagues support you?

There’s tons of support from everyone — from managers to peers — which is huge. I feel comfortable to ask any of my peers a question. They’ll always help. I’m generally new in my role. It’s been a learning curve and everyone has been awesome to help me.